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& Joint Replacement

Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery of the Shoulder, Hip and Knee
& Less Invasive Joint Replacement

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May 2020

Marshall Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is back up and running at full steam with new safety protocols in place to keep us all safe.  Call and schedule an appointment today!

Dr. Beamer now team physician for Sacramento's professional UFC team 

April 2018

Team Alpha Male, the professional UFC team under the guidance of Urijah Faber, counts on Dr. Beamer's expertise to keep the team in the octagon

Sacramento Magazine Top Docs 2017 

Dec 2017

Dr. Beamer recognized as a "Top Doc" in Sacramento for Sports Medicine - Sacramento Magazine Article - Knee Injuries 

Dec 2017

Dr. Beamer Discusses Knee Injuries, Recovery, and Healing (click link above to hear the talk)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Now Offered

June 2017

Biologic solutions to joint pain now offered by Dr. Beamer

ACL Reconstruction //

Modern, Anatomic Techniques

Knee Function Depends on Proper Technique


Dr. Beamer utilizes modern, more anatomic techniques for ACL reconstruction that have been shown to more closely restore normal knee function and kinematics.  Proper graft placement may delay or prevent the development of arthritis, according to some emerging evidence from Stanford, where he spent a year advancing his sports medicine training.  Furthermore, proper technique lowers the chance of early graft failure.

Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgery Sacramento

World Class Training and Experience, Close to Home

Dr. Beamer is a Harvard and Stanford trained orthopedic surgeon, serving the greater Sacramento area and Sierra Foothills.  Dr. Beamer specializes in sports medicine and joint replacement.  He performs advanced arthroscopic surgery of the hip, shoulder, and knee and is one of the few fellowship trained hip arthroscopists in Northern CA.  He is an expert in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and ACL reconstruction.  Dr. Beamer is board certified.

What Is Hip Impingement?

Hip impingment occurs when abnormal bony prominences on the femur (thigh bone) or position of the acetabulum (hip socket) impact one another during hip range of motion, leading to degeneration of the hip socket labrum and cartilage.

Hip Impingement Labral Tear Hip Arthroscopy
Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

- Cartilage Regeneration and Replacement


- Hip, Knee, and Shoulder Replacement


- Arthroscopic repairs and reconstructions of shoulder, hip, and knee injuries

- Rotator Cuff/Impingement & Shoulder Instability


- Less pain and quicker recovery

Hip scope sacramento
Dr. Beamer's Promise to You

-Take time to educate you about your diagnosis and the treatment options

-Utilize modern, advanced techniques that are backed by scientific evidence for safety and efficacy

-Always explore non-operative options first, and reserve surgery as the last resort

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